We The People: Video link

Some of you asked for the video link and here it goes.

We the People: Should blogs be regulated?

Each to her/his own!
Happy watching!
Eve* aka JB


DesiGuru said...

Hi JBo,saw you on TV.Great going really!I wish these news guys would take bloggers more seriously.Barkha was merely scandalizing the entire issue.Cheers!
Dinesh (http://blogs.ibibo.com/networksuccess)

hubris said...

Rajesh Lalwani says a book deal happened because of the high quality content and not novelty. He needs to re-examine his hypothesis. The book deal for came because of salacious content - not high quality content. It is just like the book deal that 'girl with a one track mind' got with her blog being outed. Was there really high quality content on her blog? Duh.

I mean please!! This is just a woman posting details of her sex life. We are a voyeuristic society. And people love trashy gossip. Hence there is a market for such stuff.

Rajesh, do not delude yourself into thinking that its the high quality of content that got the compulsive confessor a book deal.

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