Many people, and I mean many people have been asking---> "What's with clit-chatting?"
Well, I don't suppose those who come on to the blog necessarily go to the first post... but here's the reason all over again.

My Vagina Monologues

After having heard about Eve Ensler's celebrated play, The Vagina Monologues, I finally got to see it -- performed by Mahabanoo Modi Kotwani and her team of actors. Four women talking about other women and their stories from the world over. Did I like it? Yes, it was well presented. Did I love it? Pause.

I could understand the story about the rape of Bosnian women. I could understand the story about the 72-year-old Parsi woman. But what about the women of TODAY? The apparently sexually liberated, knowing-her-mind, ball-breaking, board-moving, 21st century woman of today.

I am one. Supposedly all of the above. Or I was. Break-ups, child loss and physical abuse later: I really don't know. Am I emancipated? Finding myself, finding my Eve, finding my vagina. Literally and figuratively. Go figure.

I am, therefore I start...


whitelight said...


Jhoomur aka JB said...

and then there are friends who read regularly.... and instead of the phone or email, keep tabs through the blog. Like this conversation:
She: "oi, how is CBT?"
Me: CBT? What the fuck is that?
She: "Oh my god, you are SO out of it...."
Me: Ok fine, but WHAT is CBT???
She: Stupid woman, Could Be Trouble..and this is your blog!

hahaha. :) i think its damn sweet

whitelight said...

fuck me. hehe

Jhoomur aka JB said...

you are pretty monosyllabic today, eh, White Light? heh heh

me too! (grin)

whitelight said...

you know blogger comment section has been turned into a damn chatroom. i guess that's why. heheheh

lots of hehe, haha, fuck you's etc.

whitelight said...

on many blogs that is. and i guess i've contributed to it. hahah

see what i mean. hehe

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